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    ~~The City’s Toolbox~~

    Several pages of the Hatch, Mott, MacDonald Traffic Study (which you can find here: http://parksidebuffalo.org/images/Parkside_Traffic_Study_Final_Report__1_of_4_Report_Body__-_July_2015.pdf ) are dedicated to explaining and illustrating items in this “toolbox.” See pages 58-64. The following list (immediately below) is from Table 10 on page 58 of the study:

    •          One-way Streets
    •          Traffic Circles
    •          Chokers
    •          Chicanes
    •          Bump Outs  
    •          Re-aligned Intersections
    •          Center Island
    •          Median Barriers
    •          Intersection Diverters
    •          Half Closures
    •          Semi-Diverters
    •          Full Closures
    •          Speed Tables 
    •          Raised Intersections
    •          Raised Crosswalks
    •          Textured Pavement 
    •          Enforcement  
    •          Lane Striping 
    •          Radar Trailer


    A number of examples of the aforementioned traffic calming tools currently exist within the City, including but not limited to: 

    ♦ Full Closure - Days Park, Johnson Park.

    ♦ Partial Closure – Dorchester Rd., Amvets Dr.

    ♦ Bump outs - Ohio St., Whitney Ave., Main St., and Linwood Ave.

    ♦ Center Median –Bedford Ave., Fordham Dr., Culver Rd., Ridgewood Rd. and Dorchester Rd.

    ♦ Traffic Circles – Richmond Ave. 

    If the City would consider this as a Pilot program for the Toolbox and based on the data collected for this report, the geometries of the road network and the information contained in Table 9, the City could consider the Half Closures, Semi-Diverters, Realignment of Intersections or Center Medians to help reduce the number of cut through vehicles in the Greenfield/Fairfield area.

    ~~The City’s Toolbox (cont.)~~

    From: Parkside Traffic Study Stakeholder Interview Summaries 

    Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy October 17, 2013, 11:00AM Parkside Lodge, 84 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214

    An objective of this study is to slow the traffic traveling through neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Traffic Toolbox will be created to meet this objective. Similar toolboxes have been implemented in other cities. This toolbox will be developed for residential streets city-wide to reduce speeds on residential streets. Potential traffic calming techniques for the toolbox include:        

    •          Mini traffic circles
    •          Offset bump-outs, also known as chicanes
    •          Medians 
    •          Curb extensions
    •          Street Diverter (partial street closure allowing only entry or exit) 


    The toolbox will be reviewed by City Departments to assess effects on emergency services, snow plows, sanitation and other City services.

    ~~Parkside’s Toolbox~~

    We have several tools that we would like to add—and have already added—to the toolbox:

    1.       Neighborhood beautification: planters, gardens in community spaces, painted crosswalks
    2.       Trees and other plantings
    3.       Change of the speed limit on the interior streets to 25 mph
    4.       No right on red
    5.       No left turns on to Greenfield and Crescent Avenues
    6.       Advocate for alternative means of transportation such as bikes and bie lanes, and public transportation

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